Sarah McMurray is a creative dreamer with a love for farm house tables, art, writing and midnight swims in the lakes. She's an avid Pinterest decorator for the house she'll have one day, where she dreams of having a large kitchen table to cook for her tribe. She's a Central Oregon girl with a love of the desert, the mountains and road trips to explore the woods as often as possible. Sarah is an artist, a writer, a photographer and a She-Tribe builder. Learn more on her website.

The She-Tribe Project began in 2012 on the shores of Oregon's second deepest Lake at Camp Catalyst, a women's creative hub which has since evolved into World Muse. After gathering with women, sleeping under the stars in Tipis and exploring art, creativity and yoga for the weekend, The She-Tribe Project was born as a place for women to connect through stories and the written word.

Together we gathered for women's writing workshops, we held a Poetry event, and we wrote two e-books of women's stories for women, by women. (Read them here and here.)

I believe that women can change the world when we show up authentically to life, to our dreams and to each other.

Every woman is beautiful, sexy, worthwhile, powerful and capable of incredible things!

We all bring strengths, experiences and skills to the table that can help others learn and grow.

We all have a story and a choice to let our story move us forward, to to hold us back.

Every body is beautiful, sacred, and an incredible art form - round, straight, flat, curvy, freckled, scarred, hairy, toned...it's all beautiful.

The She-Tribe Project is a place for women to gather - picture us gathered around a big farm table in my kitchen, eating something delicious over wine and by candle light. Women's voices and communities matter a great deal...I'm so glad you've found this space!

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