Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Hello 2014...(And an invitation to write)


How has it been so long since I've blogged???!!

I jumped head first into a brand new full time job the first part of December in complex care management (essentially health care case work) and I freaking love it! Since then I also signed a lease on my own place (first time in over a year that I've been living solo) and I'm preparing to move in a week! I'm so excited...but because in my last move I sold most of my belongings and massively downsized, that has meant lots of shopping (there will be some DIY and budget decorating posts coming up)!

But in all of this transition, I realized something...The She-Tribe Project is no longer a project, but a way of life, a gathering place for discussion, self-love and acceptance, creativity and community rallies that inspire! It has been a fabulous collaboration of women's stories for over a year now both in ebooks, workshops and poetry events, photo shoots and this you might have noticed, for 2014, I've adopted a new tag line: gather, create & be.

My hope in the months ahead, is that community will gather, women will create beauty, relationships, networks and art and we will, more than anythings, be our beautiful, authentic selves - full of wounds, light, depth, kindness and brokenness, and yet completely and fully human. Sigh, relax into that, loves. I thank you for going on this journey with me, for sharing your stories, teaching me new things and inspiring me to become a better woman daily - you are the best tribe I could ask for!

In 2014, I'm gearing up for a writing workshop in a few weeks that will kick off the "Bodies Stories: Skin, Boundaries & Beauty" project I received a grant from World Muse to do. It will be one part writing, one part photography and one part art exhibit in collaboration with this year's World Muse Conference in March in Bend, Oregon - and I'm over the moon about it!!

So in gearing up for this I'm looking for bloggers to share a 500-600 word post around the theme: my body is a love story.

Think about what journeys your body has taken in your lifetime, how it has changed, morphed, strengthen and transformed. What has your experience of your body become? Explore the love story that is your body, and if it's not a love story yet, write a love letter to your body and invite that love affair to begin... you know you want to... :)

Write. Create. Be. 2014 is going to be grand!

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