Monday, June 24, 2013

Calling She-Tribe Writers...

This is me. Sarah. Dreamer. Goal setter.

I'm also an Executive Director of a small non-profit and I moonlight as a the founder of the She-Tribe, a place for women to gather across boundaries, and to savor the impact of soul-care on all aspects of life.

Here's the thing: without joy, creativity, soul-care, health and community, no one can be truly happy and thriving. We all need a tribe to inspire us, to share stories and help us find the a balance between work and soul. Are you in?

Calling the She-Tribe!!

The whole point of the tribe is to gather women to share our stories, our lives, our goals and our successes. So here's my plan:

I need you! We need to hear your stories, your wisdom and your voice. This blog is in transition and I'm looking for regular writers to commit to the tribe for six months at a time, stating in August and writing through January 2014.

I need writers to to write once a month for six months on the following topics:

- finding/nurturing joy
- soul-care
- creativity
- health
- business
- home

Are you ready to change the world?
 Start with your own! Commit to authenticity, community, and your own soul-care and write about it over the course of the next six months!

Writers share one post a month, about 500-700 words, and submit a bio/link to your own page. Just think...each month I'll share your posts throughout the tribe, linking directly to your blog/website/Etsy etc. and you'll be able to share your wisdom with the community!

To apply to be one of the first round of writers for the She-Tribe blog, send me your story: why do you want to write for the She-Tribe and tell me about yourself. Include links to your blog/website/etc. by July 15th to be considered. Then the tribe will vote to select 6 writers for the first round of She-Tribe bloggers! Send submissions to:

Submit today!

Questions? Ask me! 

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