Thursday, June 13, 2013

Why You Should Take a Wild Leap....

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What if?

What if I got that big promotion?
What if I could change the world through art?
What if I wrote a book? What would be the story?
What if I meet the man of my dreams?

What if I lose my job?
What if I get sick?
What if I can’t pay my bills?
What if my lover no longer wants me?

What if started eating more green juice?
What if I took that dream vacation to Bali?
What if I launched my own business?

What if it fails?

What if it succeeds?

So what!

All my what ifs are only as powerful as my response to them….

What ifs can keep us trapped…they can also free us for a bigger purpose.

Stop living today as if your negative what ifs are your reality right now. So what if you lose your job, or your lover leaves, grieve and move forward. Don’t stay stuck.

Choose happy. Choose Adventure. Choose peace.

Live as if your wildest what if dreams are possible and create a plan. Start now. Dream it. Explore it. See how it feels on your skin.

What if tomorrow is the end? Will your life have more what if I had only….or what if I hadn’t…

Choose possibility.

Move forward.

You are your greatest adventure.

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