Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nurture Your Soul

This months seems to be zipping by at lightning speed!

I took a break from creating most of this month, after moving out of my art studio at the end of April in transition of going full-time at my day job at the non-profit. I get to develop a youth agency that helps kids find their spark and I'm so lucky to have that opportunity! You can learn more about Camp Fire Central Oregon here.

This month has also been one of busyness...we moved my grandparents from their house to a retirement home and spend the majority of weekends moving stuff and getting them settled.

Dad and I had one great adventure into the Oregon Outback, driving through the desert, to visit Fort Rock, Sand Dunes and some incredible landscapes. I love that part of the State!

This little painting is the first one I have done in months it feels like, and it is the reminder that even in the midst of busy lives we must nurture what makes us glad as a practice in self-care and honoring our spirit. I'm brainstorming how to go that effectively as I move into a full-time day job on June 1st. Self-care is a vital part of our routines and yet, so easy to let go of when your energy gets pulled another direction. I'm thankful to have a job I enjoy, that is a good challenge and for the beautiful creative energy that has finally hit me again!

I'm always one who does better when I'm busy, and I find my best creative juices hit at night when I should be sleeping, but my soul needs a creative release. So here's the first one! I have the next painting all sketched out and am excited to work on it this week. Hopefully this little blog will get some action next month too as I'm contemplating a new way to engage my blog with monthly themes. More to come on that. But for now, I hope you are nurturing what makes you glad as well!

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