Sunday, May 5, 2013


Last week I moved out of my little art studio because I'm working so much at the non-profit youth development agency that I manage. Leadership is an intense career and I'm moving up the ladder, helping youth "find their spark."

My own spark has always been creative work - writing, making art and dreaming about travel. 

I also know myself well enough to know I need regular doses of art and time in the woods for soul-care,  so this weekend my sister and I took a road trip to the mountains and spent a day lounging by the lake, watching the clouds roll by, reading and painting.

Soul-care is vital to any woman thriving. I'm not always good at it. Especially over the past year...I lost my groove, but a weekend in the woods is always a good start. 

I'm ready to tackle the week, to kick it's butt. I'm about to conquer the week and thrive...soul-care for me means:
- yoga
- green smoothies
- writing
- painting
- some wild dancing 

Here's to conquering the week and thriving!

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