Monday, May 6, 2013

Nurture Your Wanderlust...

Images from pinterest
I've had island fever for weeks dreaming of tropical waters to swim in, honeyed-mango sunsets and the true crux of it all - adventures in paradise.

I wonderful what it is about those two things that haunts us - we yearn for both adventure - the wild, uncensored, spontaneous life and paradise - peaceful tranquility, in the same breathe.

I'm learning how easy it is to becoming unbalanced in one or both...usually both. We need both calm, a sense of home, comfort and a wild sense of adventure - the adrenaline rush of something new and fresh.

I'm finding in my journey toward finding my groove it requires nurturing wanderlust - creating a sense of adventure even when you feel like life has become completely routine!

Let's face it...adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and although I'm on a mission to infuse my life with adventure, I'm not able to jet off to an island just yet. But here are my top five tips for finding your groove this week...

It can be something as simple as taking a new way to work, or a belly dancing class instead of your usual yoga class, or even turning off the computer in the evenings after work a few nights a week for technology free nights.

Some days I wake up anxious about everything that has to get done, instead, try starting the day with gratitude mediation like this one from Tim Ferris, (or be watching from one from me in the next few days).

Sometimes discovering your groove takes go on a visual adventure across pinterest, or through magazines and collect images that inspire you in this moment. Look at the pictures you've saved...what stands out? (Like your wild wanderlust for an island...or is that just me...?)

 Right now, I've got pictures of islands in my journal, and on my pinterest vision board. How are you nurturing your wanderlust?

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