Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dreams About the She-Tribe...

One of the July Photo prompts is dream and I chose to take a picture of my feet in a field of wildflowers for two reasons.

1. One of the biggest dreams I've had in my life was to go to Africa. In 2007 I spent the summer teaching English to adorable little kiddos in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya.  It was life changing and taught me that community is one of the greatest gifts we ever give or receive. That tattoo is an outline of Africa with a little red heart over Kenya and the name my host family of the first three days gave to me: Naserian - it's good and beautiful. Somewhere I even still have the slip of paper that my host mama wrote the name on, enscribed with "Naserian LaSadalla", meaning they saw goodness and beauty in me and I forever, now, have family with the Samburu tribe of Kenya.

2. Tribes have become very important to me (hence the She-Tribe). They ebb and flow, flux and change as we grow and change ourselves, but what I love most about tribes is that where ever you are, you can find kindred spirits. The kind that swoop in when the going gets tough to remind you who you really are, to fill your belly with nourishing food and to make you pause and enjoy the moment. When life becomes too busy for tribe connections, something is seriously out of whack. I'm there right now. This picture of my feet standing still in wildflowers is to remind me that no matter how busy I am running from one thing to the next, I must always make time to stop, ground myself and inhale the beauty that is growing up around me. The challenge of busyness is that you often miss the tiny treasures growing underfoot.

So my big dream now is all about community, the She-Tribe, collaborating with wild women who are willing to be authentic, follow their hearts and inspire one another with our truth.

Will you join me?

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