Wednesday, July 17, 2013

On Being Open...

Photo by my sis, Bethany McMurray, of me
I've been overwhelmed for weeks, but in the last few weeks especially I began asking myself the question: what do I need?

My answers surprised me: Rest, creativity, community and joy. I had become so busy that I wasn't making time for those things in my life lately and thus was getting completely burnt out. I finally decided that it was time to open space in my life for something new and turned in my notice at my day job at the non-profit. I realized that if I'm going to invest in a start-up type situation, it would be less stressful to invest in the start-up process of my dreams.

I picked up a minimum of freelancing hours for local artists and plan to give my dream a serious chance. It's scary, but completely liberating at the same time.

I reworked my website and am over the moon am the potential of my dreams in the process of honoring openness and abundance.

“Life in abundance comes only through great love.”
~ Elbert Hubbard

When we choose to live out of love more often - of giving to others, loving ourselves enough to invest in our passions and dreams, communities support that and possibilities unfold. It's when we are stuck in our negative thought patterns and fears that we hold ourselves back from what we truly want.

How do we become more open?

I truly believe that becoming open is a choice. It means getting really clear on what you want so that you are not side-tracked, then letting go of the things that stand in your way - whether that's relationships, a job, a location etc., and then asking for what you want. 

How do you practice being open? 

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  1. Being honest with yourself is the key. Answer yourself in the depth of your mind what you truly desire and want. What are your real wants? Then think how you can make changes to pursue your real wants. Don't let routine and circumstances control your life, be in control take the driver's seat. You are the change and the controlling element, never forget that. Small steps towards what you want are better than passive silence.