Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I am Somebody...

Not only is Rita Peirson, an educator of 40 years, a champion of kids and the power of learning, but she is a inspirational role model for all of us. This is what it means to be in the She-Tribe: that we believe in the inherent value and worth of every individual, including ourselves.
She talks about the classes she had that were so low academically, that she began thinking about how to not only raise their self-esteem and their education. "You were chosen."
"I am somebody...I am powerful. I am strong....You say it long enough it starts to be a part of you."
What happens when we continually think we are less than, or lacking, we behave based on that belief, but when we think "I ain't all bad" something else happens: miracles are born. We begin to believe in ourselves, to walk with our head a little higher because we are somebody. That confident becomes self-love and before we know it, we are making our dreams possible.
What message do you tell yourself everyday? Start with I am somebody and see where it takes you.

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