Friday, August 9, 2013

Earth & Creativity...(My working retreat in the mountains)

The view from my resting place...
Week two of freelancing and dreaming. I took myself to the lake in the high Cascade mountains for solitude and a working retreat to writing for my upcoming deadlines without distraction.

 From the moment I set-up camp I noticed the earth was humming. I couldn't figure it out. There were no motor boats on the lake, and I wouldn't be hearing engines from other lakes this far into the mountains. The humming continued.

The first night I slept hard. Dreams were vivid. In the morning I took my journal, camera and chair up the path to a tiny patch of sand below a large tree. I moved my chair from the edge of the woods onto the sand and suddenly noticed the earth was vibrating ever so slightly beneath my feet, and the humming was louder. It didn't worry me, and I headed into the water for a swim - only to be disappointed by the shallowness of the lake as I walked the length of it, only ever getting hip deep in the warm water.

I noticed wild blueberries lining the shore around the lake, clear waters and soft clouds reflecting in the still lake knee deep.

Upon returning to my chair, and feeling the earth still trembling, I couldn't help but think of Pele, goddess of fire and volcanoes, although the high Cascades are far from the Pacific Ocean, the earth here is similar, built on relics of volcanoes and lava. But the energy of the earth below my feet was more than that....ground bees.

Finally I saw a few yellow bees come spilling out of the rocks lining the edge of the lake where I was sitting. There must be thousands of them to create such a rumble in the earth! They never bothered me and I went about my day shooting images for the article I have due next week.

I toured a few lakes in the past few days, capturing sunsets and sunrises, clouds and landscapes all with the goal of being able to articulate the magic that occurs when creativity is inspired by nature. In the past few weeks my dream of creative freelancing has evolved bigger and wilder than I ever imagined! I'm working on some exciting projects that I'll share in the months ahead...all geared toward writing!

It never ceases to amaze me how dreams evolve, change and push us past the boundaries of ourselves. What dreams are you watching evolve right now? I'll give you a hint...mine involves publishing. ;-)

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