Monday, August 5, 2013

Inspired By Creatives...

In my new freelancing world I get to work with highly creative people in The Old Ironworks Arts District of Bend. This part of town is home to many artists, creatives and a unique community of entrepreneurs and dreamers - the kind of people who can take empty buildings by the railroad tracks and turn it into the local art hot spot. Earlier this year I had a studio in The Workhouse, a creative collaborative space of makers, doers and inspirers.

I'm also freelancing for Stuart's of Bend, an artist, jewelry-maker and recent retro swimwear designer.

Being around so many creative and inspiring people helps me get my butt in the chair everyday to create. Last night I submitted a piece to an online publication I've admired for a long time and spent the evening redesigning my home studio after finding a beautiful metal industrial style shelf at a flea market yesterday (pictures coming soon).

Creativity stems from amazing places, including kayaking on the lake, or being part of a creative community. How are you nurturing your creative self lately??

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