Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What's your Road? By Charyn Gant

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At the heart of all that hides our light is us: a multifaceted, multidimensional diamond. Just as much as we have issues stuffed inside, we also have the false identities and labels we have used to cover us up on the outside. If you are a seeking woman, you probably spend quite a bit of your life essentially cleaning house and uncovering your light. Not for ourselves, rather for the work we are to do in the world. Yet in order to do that work, we have to meet the truth of who we really are rather than who we think we are. “Think” you already know? Think again.

Surrendering a preconceived view of ourselves is a difficult task to undertake because we have accrued so many identities and labels. Some of us see a stranger in the mirror. I’ve had more than a few instances over the years of not recognizing myself and wondering why at times I looked so strange. It would be years before the voice emerged to help me figure it out. Just recently, in fact. I would have to go on journey. Again. Shit. The heavens laugh.

Innocently we embark upon journeys in our lives without full awareness of what’s in store for us. Again, we “think” we might be able to figure it. And yet, have no idea what our souls have in store for us! When we start the journey, we become the seeker or the fool; the “0” card in the Major Arcana of any tarot deck.

We, by default, embark upon a new road to meet the woman we may need to become in order to fulfill our work on the planet. We must give up control, perfectionism, resentment, anger, bitterness and everything else that has created weight in our life journey so far.

Some of us are already traveling, have traveled, or are standing at the beginning.  And still others are
contemplating whether or not to go through with it. You must dump all expectations, controlling the outcome or how the journey will proceed. You don’t get to determine the process. You must be willing to reposition your perception of who you thought you were or even release the life you are currently living in order to switch roads.

For example, when she started thinking about writing The Color Purple, author Alice Walker knew she had to change everything in her life to write it. She left her husband, sold her house in New York, and moved across the country. She ended up in Northern California to have the quiet and solitude needed to write that book. Now, this may not be your fate; however, you must heed the clarion calls that come. To do less would be to thumb your nose at the universe. Keep in mind: your Soul will win in the end. As a Trekie, I totally have to quote: “Resistance is Futile”.

How many of us are willing to truly surrender to a higher purpose that is seeking to push forth from
within? It can be an awesome or absolutely frightening prospect. As I write these words, I am struggling to let go of a path I thought I “was supposed” to follow. This was an unexpected revelation; a fast pitch to the head I didn’t see coming. I honestly didn’t know what to feel. When I look back on it, just a couple of weeks ago, I wondered why I didn’t throw a tantrum. Relief perhaps? And an unexpected bonus graced me after being dormant for years: my poetry muse came back. What was happening? I was beginning to clear away the layers of false identities that covered me. I was giving my diamond light an opportunity to reemerge. The journey is producing unexpected gems.

So where are you? Are you contemplating? Are you at the beginning of the path or already on the road? Have you already traveled and are taking a break before you begin again? No matter where you are, know that you are in the place you need to be in this moment. If the road is beckoning you, heed the call and let it tempt you on to the path.

Charyn Gant is the founder of the blog/site When We Listen to Trees: a platform to share information, stories and tolls of how we can improve our quality of life, especially our emotional health as it relates to our physical health. Charyn has been in the alternative healing arena for more than a decade. You can also find her on Pinterest and LinkedIn.

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