Friday, September 6, 2013

A Call for Joy by Erina Patrick

Photo by Sarah McMurray

Every year, I come up with my own unique version of a New Year’s Resolution.  For 2013, I’ve resolved to, “play more and rediscover my joy.”  I am happy to report that it’s been a very successful so far and things keep getting better as we move along towards the end of 2013. In my opinion this is the wisest one I have come up with yet.  And I must say, the universe has met me more than half way. It never ceases to amaze me that all I have to do is open the door to my imagination and invite life to join me in the fun and wondrous adventures abound in the most spectacular and serendipitous ways.

This year’s manifestation of my intentions took the form of a new job as an activities agent; a general step up from my previous day job. Plus, it also boasts many playful perks, to boot, such as free helicopter rides, snorkeling excursions, horseback riding, zip-lining, jet-skiing and parasailing to name a few. By the way, I have already engaged in all of these activities (plus a few more).

I have also been blessed to be able to take some of my best friends along for these good times.  After all, what is fun without friends? I have recently received an invitation from one of these friends to go sky diving; hey, why not roll with it?  The sky's the limit is what I say! What my experience has shown me is the more I am open to the prospect of joy and let go of the old fears that inhibit and impede, the more I receive opportunities to set my heart free and let my spirit soar.

A question I keep asking myself as of late is, “how free do you want to be?” And the only caution that wells up from the spring of my soul is, “don’t let your fear hold you back!” Both freedom and happiness, I believe, are choices we make within ourselves.  And the less these states of being depend on outside circumstances, the more genuine they are. I recently had an epiphany that I am full of hope and faith that there is no room left for doubt and fear to linger. Looking back on my life, that is an astounding statement, as there once was a time when I wanted to hope, but honestly was afraid to as I was sure I was only setting myself up for future disappointment. Pessimism is simply an impenetrable form of fear marked by a profound lack of faith and utter absence of hope.

I can see so clearly now how limited my perspective was then, and that my views guaranteed continued disappointment rather that deflecting or preventing it.  I was constantly affirming that life is a let-down and then somehow surprised to find that I got what I thought.  My former folly all seems so obvious and silly to me now. If luck itself were a coin on the one side would be pessimism associated with poor or bad luck, and on the flip side would be optimism the bearer of good fortune. Charisma is a form of joy, positive energy, personal magnetism, or in more modern terms that x-factor that enables us to influence our lives and the lives of those around us for the better.

To change my world I simply need to change my perspective.  For I find what I seek, and the more I radiate joy, the more vibrations of joy surrounds me and in turn emanates from those I encounter, both known and unknown. Life can either be a game or a chore, the choice is yours! I chose to be happy, joyous and free today and that doesn’t mean I shirk my responsibilities in life. It just means I meet them with a sense of equanimity, balance, and place it all in a spiritual perspective.

"I am a thirty three year old woman, born and raised in Bend, Oregon and current resident of Maui. I moved to Maui to pursue my yoga path and passion for teaching,  while helping people to practice self-care and guiding them on their personal journey towards wholeness. I love the way yoga engages my creative and spiritual nature, I am involved in other creative projects and interests as well, such as writing and creating hand crafted jewelry."

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