Saturday, September 21, 2013

Home and Change by Heather Lindsay

Photo by Sarah McMurray
Hello everyone!  Here in the Mid Atlantic we are enjoying the most lovely last month of Summer...  chillier then usual evenings are leading to lovely cool mornings.  Autumn is slipping ever so lightly in on the breezes suggesting the time of seasonal transition will soon be with us.  Sitting outside I see leaves already showing the slightest sign of yellowing on our cherry tree’s green canopy and the massive family of “beneath our house siding” grackles have already changed their warm weather plumage to their spotted, feathery, puffiness of the cool seasons ahead.  Crazy early! 

Change is inevitable...  always occurring, never ceasing, and often a surprise that can seem terrifying or ever so welcomed.  Who doesn’t know that?!  I know I do! 

So how do you handle change?  Many of us dread this “C” word, or stand still to let it pass by.  This is harmful to our soul’s true expression, which becomes bound to a monotonous, stuck life that can lead to supreme unhappiness and fear that we may never truly live our desires.  And then the worse thing happens.. we FORGET our desires in the effort of fighting or ignoring change.  This is death to the Soul. 

Yes, all of us surely have experienced some element of this in our own lives or even know people completely bound and gagged within their misery of stagnation. 
But there is always a “gift” in the mud.  A gem so to speak... glistening within all depths.  See.. allowing change to move through your life will give you the gift of Home. 
Home can be a physical place.  But it will never be anywhere unless Home first resides in you.  Home is where your heart is.  You only  have to be aware that your heart is your Home because in it’s expression (whether happy, sad, stricken, or at peace) is the ever shifting you.  

So you see, riding with the flow of life allows you to embody change.  Changing with life’s opportunities gives you the key to your Home within yourself.  Wouldn’t it be grand to feel at Home in any situation life throws your way?  It’s a practice.  This doesn’t mean life will always be easy, but it will be your true expression (which makes it easier!).  With more practice in allowing change into your life you will learn whether this key will unlock challenge and strife or whether you will glide up the staircase of transformation to your happiest of Homes’ within yourself.

I can’t help but think of Dorothy’s ruby slippers carrying her along the yellow brick road on an ever altering, grand adventure after being uprooted and dumped amidst, what at times, was absurdity, fear, and beauty.  It was only in recognizing intelligence, heart, and courage all lied within that she was able to return Home again. 

 “There’s no place like Home”.  Each of us are here on our own adventures.  Some awake, some asleep, some offering a hand, yet, all here awaiting the next change to come knocking on the door.  Is your door bolted shut with padlocks?  Is it unlocked?  Or are you slipping on your ruby slippers and swinging the door wide open singing.. “Hello change!  Where are we going today?

Heather lives in a cozy bay side town in Maryland with her boyfriend, Ryan, and their three fur baby kitties - Tigger, Ophelia, & Willow.  Heather's private practice, Natures Of Light Acupuncture, is the fulfillment of her dream to create a healing place for all in need.  She lovingly practices Acupuncture, is an Integrated Energy Therapy® practitioner and teacher, and incorporates the power of flowers into her sessions through the use of Flower Essence Therapy.  You can also find her on Facebook.

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